Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crap crap Crap




Its not a before and after makeup pix.Its just a bored studying.I like the effect though. The business law cases are driving me crap cases like Phang Swee Kim v Beh I Hock.Wtf.How am I going to memorise their names lah.Aiks.Why Malaysian have damn 3 phrase name??UK cases are much more easier to remember.Hyde v Wrench. See?Damn easy.Arghh 
Btw, changed my blog content width.So i can put larger pictures.Hurray!XD How izzit? Its not like I  have a DLSR to post pictures to be proud big pictures can occupy more space and I could write lesser.LMAO.Altering the template for more than 1 hour already.Darn.Tired. Gotcha continue adhering and sticking my face on the darn LOVELY Contract Act 


Passerby ftw said...

lol still on law assignment? o.o
good luck... =x

p/s: wtf ftw btw

XCB said...

wah ur hair so long liao, lenglui T__T

u got study law one a? yamgong ...

im also striving hard to memorize all the muscles, haiz

Hilda Milda™ said...

nice denim dress you got there (:

Half Naked Latte © said...

oh gawd biz law, i feel you gal, ACCA paper F4 have to hafal ALL cases too heehee..

gud luc! & i like the effect too, i prefer cross-process effect though.

domokun said...

passerby ftw: assignment still striving ughhh wtf ftw :D thx^^
XCB:your hair also very long ok?hah i so envy ur hair colour *SOBS* aih law soo annoying..>< v 2 gambathe lah><
Hilda Milda:thx hehe^^bought it in singapore XD
half naked latte:lol same same here>< those cases really piss me off== oh~~kk will try the effect u recommend XD thx yaa^^

Anonymous said...

yeah,nice hairrrr=)))))))))

domokun said...

lol thx :D

Most Desirable said...

Hi, wonderful pics before as well as after, hard to notice the difference, since you r a natural beauty. I suppose Law requires lots of memorising, I had a hard time once tryin to spell Donohue vs Setevenson,(Law Of Torts) I think I still get that wrong! Don't worry, our minds can do wonder, just do your part & the rest will come naturally. So, stay happy & cheerful-)

j_fish said...

Your dress is very nice!! and you look cute in braids. ^____________^

domokun said...

most desirable: yup.totally requires damn lots of memorising.>< btw, i think its donoghue, not donohue haha.u get it wrong again.XP Stay happy n cheerful ^^
j_fish:thx hehe yaya i luv braids..<3 :D

Wan Syamimi Aimi said...

hey hey,thanks for dropping by my blog.
thought the picture is before and after u change your hair color.
i was thinking "how she can do the same post for before and after HAHA!"
btw, yessss Malaysian cases' name are too freaking long!
but just memorize the first name is enough.
example: Chin Lai Fong v Muhammad Ali Abu Bakar

just write: Chin Lai Fong's case
i always do that :)

Aaron 辉 said...

OMG haha...*braid*
All the best in the coming exam la xD

domokun said...

Wan Syamimi Aimi :u r welcum.XD haha nola~i just filtered it.chg its tone XP
btwww,thx for telling..wowww i really can save a lot of effort memorising haha donoghue's case XP thxx!!
aaron:loll stop laughing okkk???loll chiu hhaha yaya u too..gud luck in ur exams also XD

Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

cute dress! and i like the effect too~ =) going to study about that soon LOL

domokun said...

magdalene:thx :D haha ur turn to get annoyed soon..XD gambathe^^

EeSoon said...

cute pictures~~
nice effect~~~

Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog~ I can't find chat box here, so... hope you don't mind I leave my appreciation here~ ;)

domokun said...

eesoon:haha thx XP hehe will visit it often..XP btw i hav the chatbox on the right side.mayb there's some error or it is still reloading..haha thx for visiting XD