Tuesday, November 16, 2010

crap another wtf post

college outfit of the day~tada~...i know i am lame.idk why.a peace sign on my cartoon's big dumb eyes too == btw showing off my earrings on my left ear.my friend said that its fugly wearing two big rings on the same side of my ear.idk why its fugly.i dun care.i have 8 holes and i could choose any of them as i like.watever==

exam's nearby.could not even finish my assignments yet.not even 50 percent.wtf How could I even start my studying?wtf.Bad timing statistics assignment.whatever t-stats f-stats they are like aliens from nowhere to me== and somemore our statistic lecturer was calling us "dumb dumb" saying that we never speak.its insulting.damn insulting.wtf How are we going to answer or ask questions if we do not even know what we dont know!wtf he's assuming us to know everything by not teaching==ughhh the last statistic tutorial for this semester really ends with a "BLAST"==wtf sry its a damn short post coz gotcha digging into my books again.bye.will be like this till my exams end.wtf.bye.


XCB said...

Cute t shirt! no worries, after all of our exams over,let's g o out and have a girls day out!

ken said...

one day im gonna camwhore like you and upload to my blog too :P

Passerby FTW said...

Quote of the day "Who asked you to shut up? Who ask you not to speak? Why are you not speaking when you are given a chance?"

Derek Ong FTW~ =D

Maybe he menopause or period today gua...you know la...can't blame him much =x

P/s: actually I not sure what gender he/she is...but my null hypothesis is that he got period problems la...oops~ =x

domokun said...

xcb: a girl's day out not enuf la..i need loads of outing XP
ken:lol i am waiting haha
passerby FTW:lol i do not reject the null hypothesis.hah aih last tutorial class jor..will "miss" him== btw i damn curious who u r..lmao

Serge Norguard said...

err ..err .. hello smexy

domokun said...


Jilliancat said...

lol your header scared me!! :D Haha with the domokun popping out and RAWR at my screen! xD

I have 6 piercings but it's useless now becos in my uni we are only allow to have one pair of earrings. T.T

I HATE STATS !!! Now I totally forgotten the t-test crap already.

domokun said...

haha thats funny loll my header was supposed to be cute loh..now everyone get scared by my huge domokun..hahaa
eh ur uni so bad one eh>< wat uni so bad? haha when you go shopping wear all 6 of them lar~who cares ^^
aiks~~~stats suckss>< my regression model damn damn damn uselessTT grateful that i found sum1 hates stats as i am.lolz