Monday, October 4, 2010

vaseline event in luna bar

 first and foremost, before i start my post,i want to thank 2 friends of mine..

first, thanks to joey..tada~a cute pic of u..keke
thx for winning the nuffnang vaseline blogging competition
and thx for bringing me der as ur partner!!wuhoooo~kekeke sooo happy u made me ur parter XP

thanks to junrong too..she helped me to choose the top and leggings frm time square and i end up being interviewed by msn photographer!!!yayayy!!damn happy..wei..msn ler..i will be on msn life and style next week~hurrayyyy^^thankssss dear rong~

 tada~camwhore~we took damn a lot of pictures lah coz we reach der tooo early..luna bar is at 34th floor of pan regency hotel, beside shangrila hotel^^

can see my thin eyeliner?lol weirdo==
see my top?one of the chain drop lor..ishh so suey ler..luckily jacqueline help me tie back lol thx thx XP

 i met joey's fren, jacqueline and her i reali duno she is older than me one lor..
 our outfit..aiks..i am the only one who wear ish their dress code didnt include black loh..soo embarassing aiks
 the scenary looking out from the side of the bar..wonderful~so nice leh
 a swimming pool at the centre of the bar..haha of coz no one's swimming lah..

 jacqueline and amy~cute hor?amy has that dlsr camera TT envy lah TT

 omg omg see this???? fourfeetnine ler..fourfeetnine ler!!! wasai..i was like "walao, fourfeetnine ler!" ..haha and den joey was like"eh, she is audrey la, dun call her fourfeetnine==" lol omgomg she was soo cute and erm..tiny..reali leh!!see? i was like a giant beside her and i was only 160cm lo.wth.soo cute and friendly loh.why got people so cute and den soo sexy de even though she was short..wa..and then i heard that she was older than me lor..ishh why i look so old beside her one TT

 happy lor joey, she won a spa voucher worth RM574.ish (its already shown in the pic)== paiseh..aiya she soo lucky one lor..see her hand?she crumbled her tissue like a small child haha
 camwhore in toilet after the vaseline event tada~
 we have a nice and simply buffet after the performance~i ate damn a lot of their chocolate fondue nice nice lor^^
nice view right? coz from the sky bar we could clearly see kl tower lor..super romantic at nitez..enen..
twin tower also can be seen ler

the view was damn nice one lor but i dunt have the dlsr camera to capture the beauty of the scenary ish blury effect lah

thanks to vaseline having this great event at luna bar..wuhoo
can wait for msn to post my picture lah chubs^^


Serge Norguard said...

hey there. hope you had a good time at the event

domokun said...

hehe~u too>< having soooo much fun there XP

Serge Norguard said...

yay! Glad you had fun.