Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Touring the Japanese Kawaii Guys + Bel Pasto for dinner

Firstly before i start my domokun mumbling, i wana say gomenasai to few of my friends.I am sorry for leading XC n Bernice the wrong way which we turn out wasted 1 hr taking a one hour sungeiwang-kl central-putra train back to the hotel, which only take 15 minutes.I am so sorry and guilty. I meant it. I should have prepare or call the others or maybe even not to be soo lc to lead u 2 voluntary.aiks.TT.I am sry coz i made two of you late for 1 hour, and turns out we get scolded by the Japanese teacher.I am so so so sorry.I wana say sorry to xx too as he was the person in charge and our unpunctual made your reliability shredded and u get scolded by the teachers too.aiks..i am sooooooo sorry.Here i wana apologise to you all..aiks emo. and then turns out all of you are worried and comforted me the other way round. I felt damn guilty ok..aiks I think I would not wana to tour the japanese students again next year, phobia thingy.TT or i COULD NOT take them anymore, as I think I made 3 of us including myself, blacklisted.I am so sorry.
dui bu qi 

okay..ahemm..lets start my mumbling now..aikss

  We are supposed to reach the Pan Pacific Hotel near Putra station at 8.30am in the morning. Damn anxious loh that time coz I would be taking a group of boys myself, MYSELF LEH!lolz awww..thinking how to strengtened our bond with those guys.haha Basically, there are like 18 groups that day, and each group consists of approximately 5 students. Overall, there were at least 18*5=90 students from some school like Gunma Kenritsu or what.not sure.XP their age range are from 15 to 18 lah.Smaller than us.Shorter.And cuter.chubbier.HAha reali kawaii neh..coz they were so short and they were not soo mature..,like me..haha
tada..the same uncle last year started to distribute the groups^^

my boys..haha i kept telling my friends they were my"nan rens" haha soo high because they dunt understand Chinese.I was sooo high to call them"my nan ren" all the time..hahaa lmao i forgot all their names already, but i remember two of them haha one of them he ask me to call him "i scared", erm mayb smt like "aisked" or what in Japanese.lmao i was laughing very hard when i call him.haha another one is smt like mashimaro..lol i like the left hand side boyboy coz he was so cutee with a sooo chubby cheek.And he is the ones who talk to me most..haha and his faced turn red when i caught him yawning..haha so cute lah when he paiseh..haha the second one put on his new shirt directly after he bought one in sungei wang.lol.the 3rd and 4th one has a girlfriend already.while the 5th one was the shortest, and he wore a hat to increase his height.lol.apparently he failed.XP the last one was the coolest.talked the less loh.XD haha
 Their names:(I forgot who is who liao) 

Basically, our journey was like this:
putra(their hotel) 
Pasar Seni
Mcdonald In Qi Cheong Gai
Qi Cheong Gai
Sungei Wang
Back to Hotel 
-the End-

Inside pasar seni..they were choosing the rm5 bracelet.cheap hor..^^
 The white colour shirt boy boy bought the least things loh.XD 

He followed me as he is not so familiar in KL Area

Have Mcdonald in Qi Cheong Gai 

Bernice sooo paiseh..haha one of her group members behind 

Cam whoring with the Japanese girls from XC group..haha soo sweet right..lol the grey shirt kawaii mei mei has a boyfirnd liao loh.The blackest boy in my group.Haha SOOOO CUTE..haha

The other 2 girls frm XC group.The long hair girl pout her lips when she caught me taking their pictures.haha kawaii right? 

Btw, omg omg Bernice pierce her tummy loh wei..aiyo..For the first time I see the piercing thing with my own eye.OMG OMG i atcually held my breath when the lady pierce her stomach with a strw like thingy.Omg omg omg I have no idea how it feel.Bernice felt nothing and she was like"is it through already?" whoaan insane.The lady just sprayed her stomach with narcotic,some kind of drug? and then Bernice did not even few a little bit of pain.whoa.The straw like thing was pierced directly through her piece of stomach, and then the belly ring was pierced into the straw, and the straw was taken out frm the hole.Its belly ring will be through her belly ady.omgomg. it cost her rm90 to have belly pierced loh.not cheap leh.

After our touring, the gurls came to my house to record a video for our presentation which turned out could not be played on the spot.= time wasted.aiks 

Discussing our video lol

Tada~Bel Pasto near my house.Aman Puri there.
hiek hiek hiek

my lovveely gurls..junrong n jariel.all so tired already.We all went out whole day leh frm 8am till night leh.Lets use our earnings to enjoy good food bah..keke 

luvvvv this pic..haha coz annger's poking her nose with the fork..hahhaha aiyah accidentally one lah XP 

a perfect match.lol 

nice ambience right?there are leaves up there.hah


waiting tiredly..aww 

tada~my carbonara with turkey ham came first..nice lah..but the sauce is not thick enough.But the portion is quite big..nice and perfect already for me.i am not sure if this is called fettuccine.XD  

Damn juicy lah..nyump nyump nyump ahh i like their turkey ham..

Tada, as to ease our hunger, we ordered an additional pizza to be shared by all of us.niceee the crust was thin the ham used is damn nice lah.Maybe our taste bud magnifies the taste of everything we eat because we were too hungry.lol

junrong's penne in spicy tomato..very sweet though..but not bad loh

Jariel's.It's flavour is almost the same with junrong's ,but it had more ingredients and it has the green pepper which i disalike lah.

annger's favourite, mushroom risotto. Its basically porridge with a lot of mushroom to me.haha but it taste okay okay lah.nvm.as long as annger loves it.:)

Tada~our food^^ 

haha..at last they have happy face..when the food is served.lol 

me and annger..hehe  

3 happy gurls with food..haha 

almost finish 

Thats all for today..lol sooo damn long..type also exhausted already lol tata
domokunest luv ya 


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