Saturday, October 16, 2010

nihon kai 日本海 japanese food@sunway mentari

Nyump nyump nyump..tada..before our assignment discussion, four of us have a niceeee food feast in nikkon kai, near the korean restaurant we ate last time, when we celebrate annger's bd.keke

nice ambience right?keke they have this japan style design in there..^^

annger still choosing what to eat

we wanted to order skae one loh..but it was too expensive.coz 1 cup they charge it for aiks

the bartender has a sooo manly voice which bernice like

waa..jariel's set..nopt expensive lar i think..coz they reali have a generous portion of sashimi..and the sashimi was soooo thickk..waoo...reali loh

this pot of mixed chicken and egg was sooo tasty lah..i shud hav order this loh TT the soup rockssssss

nahh..told you,the sashimi dan thick n fresh lar...slurp..TT

oyakodon- a super normal dish with chicken on top of the rice..

our bernice kept trying jareil's chicken..coz its damn nice lah^^

waa...nicee leh?thick?

zoom in..waseii..soooo damn thick lahh isnt it?

1 prawn,1 brinjal and 1 green pepper,nice if dipped in the soya sauce they gave us

tada~my pa said atcually its quite cheap one loh..whole set rm20..included 5 pieces of sashimi some more leh..yummmyy..cant wait to go next time again^^



Anonymous said...

y so late one this post haha
P/S: im sure this is ur second poop

got see my new bag boh? okie boh?
i quite like it la, but must wear like rich girl that type only match

eh forgot to sign in uknow who am i hor

domokun said...

lol of coz i noe hu u r la..haha aiks..lazy loh..the pics in my drafts for sp long at last i blog

ur bag not bad ^^~Yalo must wear gou kap to take that is not my type haha.. mature lah n it suits u lah..keke i thought u wana buy the minimaos furry bag one?XD

Joeeeyiii~~~~~~ said...

coz the minimaos bag very hard to match my clothes~ i scared buy le will regret. lol.

**eLLyNeLLy** said...

aww so nicee..i'm drooling while reading both of your posts!I love japanese cuisine a lot~~ x) BTW, where is this place huh?日本海 the cuisine nice?i wish to go there ahem~

domokun said...

haha yupyup i damn like japanese food toooo!!especially their sashimi..<3 hehe 日本海 IS nice and cheaper than matsubah..hehe..its at sunway mentari..its around the place where the famous "yuen" steamboat restaurant is situated..^^must try must try! matsubah is nicer but of coz a lot more expensive>< 日本海 is good enuff for us ady XD