Sunday, October 17, 2010

Matsuba Japanese Restaurant@ sri hartamas with my family^^

 tada~after my visit to nihon kai, my mum was asking my dad to take us to a nice japanese restaurant..haha she saw the pictures i took and she was like omg since when we havent been to a japanese restaurant We plan this since last week and tada~here we are..Matsuba Japanese Restaurant @ sri hartamas. We went here a couple of times long long time ago loh and my dad even became their

nice ambience lah..but their waiter and waitress speak hokkien to spoil the environment loh lol 

 lots of sake on the racks..and they provide magazines and comics too..pokemon type== same comic since long long time

 tada~our appetizer..its free lah of course..guess wat issit lah? fresh steamed sardine and white carrot..keke

domo domo is sooooo excited lah omg shit aiks 10 pieces of damnnn fresh salmon belly lah omg shit aiks dammnnn nice lohhh..super duper thick you my stomach now..TT salmon belly lehh the nicest salmon i hav ever tried..bloggers, secret revealed by domo: they have their fresh salmon and fish imported and reached their shop on friday please please go eat on friday or saturday smart haha 

 omg..cant you see how thick it is?its damn thicker than nihon kun's loh..but of course more expensive lah lol 

 its on the 1st floor actually..not bad view huh my bro steal my place bside the window TT

 after the salmon belly bro's bento arrive..keke damn lot of rice loh== and then the weirdest part is they have this dong bo yok with a lot of

However, it included 6 damn generous pieces of sashimi too..although they are not as thick as the salmon belly earlier^^alsoo damn good leh 

  my mum's bento..damn luxurious damn a lot of sashimi and sushi..omgomg..i should have order this loh..sobs..6 pieces of sashimi plus 2 slices of sotong,and 6 sushis..plusss fried mum was dammn full loh lol

fried vegetables 


Drooling again TT i like thick sashimi muahaha 

my boy 

i found that my mum love wasabi a c?damn lot lar she covered the sashimi with wasabi..haha 

my pa's ramen..soup not bad..but the mee taste like yellow me and i dun reali like yellow mee loh paiseh XD 

it came with tempura..3 tempuras loh 

atlast~mine..keke it was the last..muahaha mine got unagi leh, and 5 more SALMON BELLY WUHOOOO omgomg damn good loh haha soooo lucky lehhh 

nice nice unagi skurps* 

omg..okay..please lah..cant u see?super thick lah wei..and with some salmon skin too muahaha damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn delicious leh i m not kidding== 

we ordered two salmon fish heads.typically we are already too full because our bento was too much for us..shouldnt have order so but their salmon fish heads are fresh lah..although not so much meat as they only give us half side of the hed loh XP 

TADA~thx daddy muaks

domonest luv u


Joeeeyiii~~~~~~ said...

omg salmon belly~~~ T____T

hate u =3=

domokun said...

lolll sri hartamas very near only mar~ask ur dad bring u lol

Joeeeyiii~~~~~~ said...

my papa n mama dont eat sushi one~ hah

domokun said...

lol japanese food must go with parents one..coz expensive one leh XP lol

Fakhrur Razi berkata said...

oishii sou ;D

i want to eat tempura so badly

but those salmon skin..
seems raw o.O
can u really ate those
hohoho XD

domokun said...

haha i like dem soo much..salmon belly with salmon skin=100%fresh of course its raw..XP sashimi ma..^^kekee u must try lah..u wunt regret one..^^