Sunday, October 31, 2010

Klang bak kut teh XD Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh yummyy XD

hehe..soo happy lah..since the bak kut teh i had last month in klang, i damn look forward for another luxurious one in klang again lol hokkiens luv bak kut teh right haha me a hokkien of course cannot miss it lah keke

this is the bak kut teh we went today morning..aiyo to eat this all of us have to wake up at 8 o clock in the morning to reach here for our breakfast loh..but worth it hehee..we reach at 9am there and its already it used to be.^^

yamcha yamcha lim teh lim yeh keke

they have one special thing that is every table would have an individual kettle for you to pour your hot water.covenient right? you would not need to shout and wave and stare at the waiter waitress and wait for a long time for them to refill your kettle of tea.XD
and of course as will put o dao you(thick soy sauce) with your garlic and small chilly..the combination is perfect for people like me hehe 

Here you bak my bak>< whooseiiiii yummm TT

we order suei kut (i duno wad they call in english, translating the hokkien it is smakk bone lol), san zhang bak(三层肉)and ribs..its soo tasty lohh

see? the suei gu sooooo nice..damn lot of meet lahh..and their soup also sooo nice too kekee omg omg their meat is so nice lah TT damn big portion 

and of course..our family favourite---dao pok hehe

this is what we order for our breakfast hehe their soup is awesome XDXD
tada~~~~niceeee XD


this is the shop restaurant weng heong we tried last month and it is just located beside the Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh we tried today..this is also recommended too but their ribs are limited loh..too many ppl liao as you can see..== the soup in this restaurant is nicer if compared to teluk pulai one..keke maybe next time i will come back to this restaurant loh..XP

another bak kut teh shop again, just opposite the 2 restaurants..damn a lot of ppl when we came here last month..but its kind of vacant today..maybe its still early in the morning?

ahah~recommended lah..this shop is located at the same row of the teluk pulai bak kut sells pau..damn lot of you can see with your own eyes, damn a lot of people is queuing up for pau loh..queuing leh..never seen people queuing to buy dumplings before one and damn a lot of people eating pau inside full as the bak kut teh..we wana try one but forgot liao..aiks..i think it will be good XD

jusco in bukit tinggi..largest JUSCO in Malaysia and Southeast Asia lol

veryy long time!! 

waseiiii..will open another post about my shopping spree in bukit tinggi hehe  muackssss


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