Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am on MSN life n style!!!!!

okay okay,here's the story.I was basically hanging around in Luna Bar in the Vaseline Event. I was kind of spotted by a photographer who named herself the presenter of msn life n style.I was like *gulps* ok..kk..aa..yyy...den she was like ask me if she can take a pic of mine to put on msn life n style..whoa whoa whoaaaaaa lolll soooooooo geng right??lolll she ask me to pose here pose there..haha den snap my photo wif her dlsr..haha heyyy..first time get shot by a proffesional photographer lerrrr>< wuhoooooo she asked me about wer my top n leggings cum frm..haha luckily not the price lol..coz there were frm sungei wang n dey were really damn cheap loh.haha happyyyyy dayyy XDXD although i look fat lah..XP 
Ginny, one of the blogger also..her blog: 

jojo struys, a well known tv host were up on msn too..she is also a blogger too.

ahhhh soooooooo happy^^ muackssssssssss.....

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