Monday, October 4, 2010

1 day trip in town lol "beef noodle and mua chi in chow kit"

 went chow kit after our stastitic exam..hurrayyss..atlast..although i dont really study a lot for this test..still pps the day before the exam and fall asleep when started my studying..wth HOWEVER, turns out it isnt that difficult lah.predict: the clever ones will have very good result lah.not

we went chow kit to have our lunch as planned.the famous superlicious beef noodle in chow kit.veryyy famous i can say.i have eaten this since i was in secondary school. a damn famous stall in chow kit. camwhore while waiting for our food..muahaha

jariel and annoyed junrong coz she arent eating

as for junrong, for various reasons, she cannot eat beef and chicken..ishh wat a waste..she ate bread before we went there.

tada..the 3 muskeeters in you could is so pack that we have to share the table with another aunty.there are more and more customers waiting outside the stoere too.we were atcually sitting on the left half side of the table while the aunty was sitting at the right side alone..

here is it..wowww..salty minced beef on our kuewtiao..nice and appetising lah the sauce..damn nice..nicer if you put some home made chilli sauce of theirs and kacao dem together..nice nice
3 bowls of kuewtiao..aiks..hungry liao.. we mixed beef soup..we ordered a mixed beef soup and generously, i had 3 meetballs, few pieces of fresh beef slices and also the stomach of the beef.its damn fresh and its soup are refreshing too^^love their beef..will eat again next week..haha i finish the soup too XP

see?ah xian also came here before..told you this was famous ady wad..

see the black shirt lady standing?she was basically a foreigner who was taking pictures the aunty cooking the beef noodle also paiseh

the beef noodle shop is open from 10.30am to 8.30pm and it is closed every wednesday.highly recommended!!just ask any seller nere chow kit about the beef noodle they will tell you where izit^^it is a small shop near the mc donald at chow kit.rm6 per bowl..okay and nice^^

we found a famous mua chi seller in chow kit it is well known for her various taste of muachi..ribena, lychee, chocolate, black sesame and coffee..if i am not can try^^
we ordered a mix one and aunty generously gave us damn a lot of peanut scrumbles..
a lot of newspaper review for this stall leh..geng lo
started trying..its kind off funny because we dont know wat flavour are we eating untill you bite it because the peanuts have totally cover the
hmnn...wat flavour is this a?
lol..see the expression of jariel while trying..everyone busy figuring out the flavour of their

it is located on the chow kit street.a cute little ah po shouting you to buy her muachi..rm5 each..not bad lah..the peanuts smells damn good^^

*snap*@ times square monorail station

tada..see?waseii..get this ute domokun handphone couch in time square..soooo cute lahhhhhhh!! came with a handphone strap tooo..luv you domokun^^



Anonymous said...

Why me..... Im so ugly...............

domokun said...

lol..wer got>< u sooo cute haha
i noe hu u r..lollz