Saturday, September 4, 2010

jiang jiang~

Went to Sunway Pyramid with my girls and boys..haha there is 10 of us,quite lot horr..errr however not much conversation between us..XP aikss HOWEVER, we watched Step Up 3!Hurray..kekeee everyone watch it because we admire their dancing techniques,their styles,the soundtrack and dance choreography of this film..yeapp..but their storyline isn't attractive at all..when the main actress first appeared on the screen i already know the whole storyline..she wanna help her brother(who has another group of dancers)to defeat the actor's group of dancer, so she started to blend into them,and ends up falling with him blablabla..of course at last the cat is out of the bag.they argued, angry with each other,,and then tada..back together again== ewww..predictable storyline== HOWEVER,but their dancing moves,the soundtracks,their choreography was dammmnnn awesome!!!omg omg the effects..dancing in ashes,in water or even dancing with a few little kids wereee damn damn damn cooolll..omgggg they even have LED lights on their body and it is sooo cool when it changes the colour everry move..!!!omggg n den the kidsss..loll there is one part their opponents have this triCk that there act as chained dogs gets aggresive and unchained and then they dance like a soo cool and aggressive violent and that really makes them act like a big bull coollllll!!


trey songz.."already taken" ^^

step up 3 trailer^^

i found this in the of the cool little girl who dance soooo awesomely inside the movie..reallii impressive lehhh OMGOMG

four girls in the toilet..meow..:)
 We have pasta zanmai..our favourite for lunch..keke
i m not sure wat this is..but it has avacado on top..i dun like avocado XP
this one serve with fish egg n my favorite~few pieces of salmon sashimi!omg n it is coldly served..quite special^^
this look damnnnnnnnn tasty n damn appealing^^
soft shell crab^^
garlic rice with chicken^^nice n big portion^^
lol..annger ordered this..quite expensive== rm15.bananas underneath chocolate syrup, then corn flakes on top, and then at last cream and chocolate ice cream..jiang jiang..^^it looks really different from the menu.The menu has a lesser portion of corn flakes and more chocolate syrup..

me and annger went uptown for dinner after the shopping.we stop by umaiyah and wanted to try it at first.But when we flipped the menu outside the shop, it seems to be quite expensive and only lunch buffet is available..== aiks and only we will try that next time..^^ we went in an ordinary cafe and surprisingly i LOVE their bubble tea!!!!omg really nice..i ordered the original ones and then i was like soo surprised when i take a sip.its flavour was quite special and arghh..i realii like the best bubble tea i have ever drank..XP worth trying^^
cosy ambiance 
a cute bar
38 por

my gu bak mee..
my FAVORITE bubble tea^^
 We went 100 yen grocery shop nearby, also at uptown out of curiosity..the prices there arent everything rm3.70 lol a lot of the goods are sold in prices higher but i think none higher than rm10 lar..^^a lot of Japanese junk food,sweets blabla n some stappke goods there..
a cute packaging
a cute door stopper
different colours of a stopper lol
bought top coat from elianto while nail  polish from etude..XP
liquid foundation n concealer^^both from elianto.
ahhhhhhh damn cute earrings i bought frm sunway pyramidd..haha cute wad..XP
 trying the white nail polish cute? lee seunggi watching me have my nail polish arghhhh luv him keke  

elianto is having a sale in sunway pyramid..i get those things in 70 percent offf..awesome right?lol n den etude house 20 percent off for my nail polishh..keke faster go grab smt lahhh..XP


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