Friday, September 3, 2010

hehee~up in the air~minimaos new bags are like mine^^

YAY..damn happy when i saw the post my fren shared with me yesterday..haha minimaos is selling a blue denim bag with super trendy bows in front.I t has an adjustable chain that could let us have 2 ways of carrying..either in longer length of the chain in a way that it could hang on ur shoulder casually,as a sling bag,or in shorter length and carry it as a womanly shoulder bag..plsss laaa!!damn nice wad!!!!!!!haha

and tada!!this is the main reason i am soooo highhh..lollzzz down there is a bag i bought recently from singapore far east plaza..keke lookksss almost the same except for the big bowww..but mine is decorated with cute round studssss..omggg..studssss..i love studsss..haha..and and and it has the same pattern of cloth with the one minimao's selling..quilted soo delicately..XP muahaha the chains function in two ways also.They sell it at rm49 while I get it at 25 dollar..if i am not mistaken XP kekeee i know i am show-ing off right now..BUT I DUN CARE!haha..luve my denim bag soo much^^


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