Monday, August 30, 2010

a cute gif made by my lovely cousin~grace XD XD

arent this cute????awesommeee..kekkee..grace and i took these shots with her webcam whole night in singapore..hehe the unknown woman and man popping out are her cute parents yeapp cann you see grace's saying"i love u"slow motion continuously and me wanting to cut her hair? she haa her fake highlights red and green eacch side and i had my ash brown ones..haha sweet memories^^

Friday, August 27, 2010

sweet tooth wondermilk

Atlas~Annger and I have a chance to go seek for a nice brunch in Uptown, near One Utama.Kekee..Damn excited.We had not eat anything since 9.30am and its already 4 pm.I wanna try the well known Japanese buffet Umaiyah badly but when i drove around that area,still hestitating,Annger went insane shrieking in my car pointing madly at this cute delicate shop beside us..a little shop with warming decorations outside and cute pictures hanging on the walls..Wondermilk..a cupcake shop..and since the mad girl beside me kept telling me that she wanna try this since long time ago sooo badlyy and even begged me..lmao..we headed in..although i am not a fan of cupcakes==to me its just a too small cake with super sweet cream on top of it..hah and after i went in, cupcakes are STILL a too small cake with sweet cream on

We ordered 6 of them which cost us rm25.RM4.50 just cupcakes==OKAY.......but i could see annger was damn excited lah~lol

i like those decorated delicately with soft tone colourful cream on top and they look damnn cute and adorable..and then by seeing the portion of the cream,its like 1:1, the ratio of the cream with the,pls imagine how fattening is it..== The warm cozy friendly environment..Its self service.You have to order at the counter and take ur own tray..I like the chocolate cupcake as it's chocolate taste is soooo thickkk..haha even annger kenot tahan..luv it ^^

Those happy birthday 25 in 1 pack is soooooo cuteeee!!!!u can see elephants ones what hurt me was the price..RM60 each set== wow..just a cupcakes lah== their official website has a lot of designs to be chosed and we can order them online tooo..kekeeee....niceeee tryyyy^^