Friday, April 2, 2010

Sunway experience

Haha..Its already two weeks I didn't update my dear blog since orientation.Where should I start leh?Hmn..Haha..Yaya..I called myself Renae there..Hehe..Since almost everyone has a Christian name,I wana have one too.My pa suggested Abbie..Haha..A name I dun really fond of,instead I choose Renae..Happi^3^Renae~Renae~Renae~HEHE~Yup, and I had also join Korean Club in Sunway.Wa~It was awesome to have a pretty Korean with cute slang of Eng and Chinese.Hurray.And its really cute to learn Korean with her.*chubs*But its a pity to have so few boys in this class  though.XP Too much to tell about~so I will write in list..XP

  • Our cafeteria sucks..Its weird when I first have my lunch there.The variety of food is so little..I only knew that students in Sunway would never wanted have lunch there,they often walked outside to have lunch at the hawker centres.They will only have a quick lunch there when there's a emergency.==weird..then wats the use of the cafeteria?aih..chong hwa's canteen is a lot better than here's.And there's San Fransisco Coffee stall here==weird..and a lot of machine selling coffee,top up cards,water blabla..
  • Joining the soceities in Sunway is not free of charge like in Chong Hwa.They need us to pay registrafees to join,and every month fees are needed to be paid,rang from rm40~rm70,if I am not mistaken.==That's how they make money.Aih..And not everyone can join the club,students have to check if their class will clash with the club,so not everyone can have a chance to join those clubs they like.As for me,my slots clash with the dancing and chance till next semester...
  • In Sunway,notes and assignments are posted up on the blackboard to enable students to print out themself.The notes will not be prepared by the lecturers.So, one must have the initiative to check the blackborad everyday to upload himself,notes and tutorials must be printed out by themselves for own use.Lecturers use powerpoint n microsoft to have lectures and if you dont have the notes,your chances of not able to copy the notes in time are REALLY big..==And those notes are as simply as you could never thought about it.Aih..Textbook is not a must,but the notes are really simple.So..textbook is preffered.==
  • The lectures are sooooo kind.WHat can I say.Even if a student late for lectures,the lecturer wunt say a word,even if he arrived at the last 15mins of the class.Haha..And students could just walk out of the class in GROUPS and the lectures will just keep teaching.Haha..This is uni life.XP and they often finish their lecture faster,and we often get to end class a lot earlier==
  • Assignments are freaking me out.==Plagiarism can be found out by the lectureers using a special website.How to do assignments without plagiarism?????I used to copy paste for my projects in secondary school..==Stop?Hard..==
  • Breaks are terrible when it is too long.My MOnday break is about 3 hours..Aih..We went Sunway Pyramid last week..Hah..wat can v do???Eat Shit Poo?Watch movies in the library?
  • BAF students are mostly females..haha..males lack of==haha
  • The textooks are freaking expensive..It cost me about rm70 per book..even second hands there wun't be a half price,rm70 will onli dereased to rm55.==But the book I got is still new..HEHE

Haha..that's all I can think about..XOXO happi doing assignments to me..aih..==

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