Thursday, April 8, 2010

my lovely meaingful break will my lovely sakais

Yay..aj n joey came to visit me with kauze daib,n then huanwen join us too.Hurray!!haha So happy because had not seen them for a very long time..haha they fetch me from sunway to pyramid 2 hav lunch..hehe..reallly happy..they came in 3 cars n i am like wow..did they really came for me?purposely? ate sakae sushi..n i told them smething about tok..haha..iI am happy they still remember me.I am still in their you all guys..Aj haha so happy to see you..muackss!!!Joey hehe..long time din see you ady ler..still didnt change thou..XP Haoche still that self admired that he's veryy lengzai..== Daib haha you really likes to laugh a lot listening to my lame jokes non stop..haha..huanwen ceh u cum c rong de lar..also not junrong good ok?!!


haha..aih..daib also dunwan let joey put her hands on his arm..haha..paiseh what ooh..we buddy buddy mar..aishh.cannot take a nicer photo already liao lor..see!see!haha I also don't dare lar..XP

yerr..pity cant join you all for dinner..TT n that aj did not ask ling wai out watever..we are a happy sakais family!!I wunt forget you all de lar..promise..cross my finger..hehe love you all..I have a veryyy happy break!!cheers!!

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