Saturday, March 20, 2010

My orientation day

Yay!My first day in Sunway University College.Whoa~~Haha~I am too excited.Haha..I reached there at aabout 7.30 and damn my orientation only start at like about n9.30am.Aiks.I have to follow my fren Colin there because I don't have any transport.My mum had to use her car to fetch my brother.Aiks.Thou my father searching a car for me thou.Heheeeeee...^^Sweet Colin borrowed me 2 Mina magazines while waiting for Junrong.There,in the Foyer I met 2 new friends,one is taking MUFY and another ine taking A lvls.lalala..At nine we met and went to register.Whoa.The queue for Acoounting and Finance is soooooooo freaking long==while the other queue is empty..Obvoiusly there's really a lot of ppl taking this course.Its so popular..==We were told to gather at Auditorium 5 and is giving a speech by the board of directors.There,I met 2 girls who continue from FIA and one of them have a same bag with me too.Haha.We have same taste in bags.XP Later we went to Audi 5 then Photo Shop to take photo for our students card.

The cafeteris food doesnt look good and taste not good too.Its bubble tea is like rm4 and their nasi lemak had to be rm5.==wth.My friend told me that the students here only bought food from there unless they are late or emergency.Or else they will go out to have lunch in the hawker centre.For sure.Whoa.Weird huh?What is the use for the cafeteria then?==Ugh..They should have improved the quality.==Lalala..And the hotness there is killing me.I had to tie up my hair like a maniac to eat properly.Hhaa..I want to try outside hawker centre food next time!I heard that the chicken rice is nice..XP

We get our timetables atlaS at 3 something.I bet most of the students will be going back early if they distribute our timetables earlier.Our most important motive to be there for the orientation is to take the timetables.Haha..They are kind of smart to allocating this session behind.We will be separated into 3 groups by aphabetical order.Aiks.I hate this.I am always behind as my surname is a "Y".Aikssssss!!Looking forward to Monday thou.Love the students there.Very friendly although you can see a few of them is a bit arrogant.Aiks..==I hope I will be studying with those kind I will be joining the Ravelution Performance and Dancing Club.Haha..I am persuading few of my new frens and the old ones already.LOL.And there will be some activities next week.The clubs will be having some performance or watever to persuaded us,the new students to join them.CANT WAIT!HAPPY UNI LIFE!HURRAY!

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