Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I love dpc one noodle...^^

Yesterday when I was talking in the phone with Foo Seng,I heard Lai Kuan's shouting at the end of the phone,shouting something I merely remember,but I suddenly felt so warm,and touched.Miss you all.TT I have quit the waitress job and I miss them.haha..Here,I want to like secretly spat out what I fell about you guys..

                                                 ->Chris,me and Ester.

                                         ->Fooseng,Chris,me and Ester..

Our manager->lovely Chris..

It was fun working with you.You always twist the chores like when you want us to clean the table 6,you would like"Huiming,table 6 your friend calls you".And when I hopped there confusingly,there's no one but the leftover and the plates.Haha.When I turned at you,you would give me a huge sweet grin I never forget.^^and there's also another scam,"Huiming,its raining,go take in all your clothes at Section C."I would walked there confusingly and I would funnily saw some dry cloth which is for plates wiping on the chair.There was no raining.Haha.You are just asking me to keep the cloth into the kitchen.Haha..Its really funny when I realised the whole thing..:)Ya,wana tell you something.That day I told Ester but not you about the tin incident,I was really finding a chance to talk to you about that.But I hardly find any chance because you were so busy hearing the phone calls.I really waiting for you but failed.You were so busy.And then I saw Ester's ordering dishes at the touch screen pc,I just blurt it out.XP I am sorry if you felt hurt that I didnt tell you about that.I think everyone working there can see and knew that you are a veri pressurized manager..its veri obvious that you work veri hard having a lot of always force yourself to give out a big grin to every customers  especially the big ones.i can see that you are forcing yourself to smile and to kowtow and i even heard once the customers this manager is very pressurised..they can feel it i really hope you can like release the pressure having a more happy life with you dear baby..^^

Our superviser->Ester

Haha,its fun hanging out together with you.You always act like us,teenagers although you are already married and have children.Haha..But you always checked my hair,my nail color..TT haha..That's wht there's a few days I always avoid you.Haha.But always get caught.In red handed.==You are veri humerous too.Yanjie told me that he liked you because you are funny.XP You make me think of something funny.There's one day when a kind of plump lady came in and,Wei Chong suddenly spat out and cried"Oh gosh..I really though that it was really Ester!It have the totally same size with her.."Hahaha..I still remember the the customer is really bigger size than you,so dun ever worry about taht.Haha Hereby I would like to thank you personally because you really helped me out a lot.THANKS!

                                             ->Fooseng playing with Chris..haha


Everytime you see me you will like"Pig ar.."==And then call me"中式猪柳"==I am not sure why you call me like this.And you will always like call me"笨蛋" all the time== lol..I really wana know what's te damm reason deadly.haha When I say about the thowing of mandarin orange(抛柑活动),you said"wah..when yuo throw your mandarin orange,a group of pigs will come snatching your mandarine orang"=,= =,= =,= =,=Aichh..sometimes its really funny talking to you,but sometimes I really cannot tahan..loll..You are hilarous and I find that you treat the foreigners very well.^^On the other hand,sometimes when you are angry its so frightening. just the last day ,you are mad at tin when tin accused you that you scolded him for not taking the bucket inside the.You said that you were just telling him to do so but tin was very angry and told that you scolded..It was really luckily chris and ester came.but every time things you get to work out and would be able to get on easily. I have also saw you scolding your sis for chitchatting together with other waitress including me .It was frightening we are just chit chatting for a while and you would also sometimes chit chat too.XP haha how dare you cheated me yesterday about u n chin yee and about bringing me to 9 long tong. I was so surprised you want to ask me out and then turned out that 9 long tong is chow that kind of place.You are making fun of you but thanks for teaching me how to play poker although i am still very confused.haha its very kind of you calling me at midnight teaching me how to play poker till 3am. I really wished that you could at least try to continue your i would not want to see a 19 year old teenager working in a and for his whole just think about it..^^

                                                           ->Jaymen and me..


Haha..Thinking of you made me thinking of your hair.There's one day when you just woke up from sleeping walking out from v2,Wai chong told me that he thought he saw a lion.Haha..Realli funny.Coz your hair are like a bit wavy and in golden colour,and from your back you really looks like a lion.Haha..with short golden mane.LOL

Wai Chong

You are my closest friend there.Haha..besides Yanjie lor..XP Its happy knowing you accompanying me there.Hehe..Most of the time we are chatting with each other.Haha..And I found that you really like to play bingo,and you are always win me.==Haha..I never thought that you are that kind of veri updated people but when I saw your pix at ur fb I thought that it was really cool to have a friend like you.^^I am glad that I have a friend like you accompanying me there,if not,,i should have already bored to death..You are like the most ngam key people there bsides yanjie..happy ler..haha..We can talk everything lor..And you really look better without ur spectacles..Haha..I gonna miss a good friend..I really hope we can like keep in touched more..Hehe..Xiao didi..Frens 4ever!!ok?^3^Hope you are not bored when I am not working there already..haha..gambathe in ur studies!!!!!!!

                                                ->Terrence pouring out the pok pok


Nice to have a friend like you.You always stared at me to frighten me but another second you will just laugh out.Haha..Cha sui..Hehe..And your hair was really funny at first after you rebond your hair.Haha..Kind of lying on your head makes ur head lack of hair..Haha..however you will gonna cut it off at NS.XP And your curly hair will be back o..HAHA

                                                 ->Laikuan n me


Your quote is like"Diao gao hui"..HAHA..I had already know this like a long time ago.You have also made your hair with Terrence.But I think it made no difference as your hair before that is also that smooth already.I swear..But maybe I forget LAH..XP Haha..Its fun playing with you although you always said that I am so short==and have the same "size" with you..You must remember,you are smaller than me ok?XD

Ah Jack

You have just worked here for a few weaks and you had already hav fun with those guys.Hehe..Having supper with them a couple of time.I envied you so much..FRENZ 4EVER!

Ah Zaw

You are a veri hardwoking person,the most ever hardworking foreigner I have met,not like Myeomin.==You frightened all of us when you cleaned the bucket we use to mop the floor.And everyone of us thought that its a new one.HAHA..You helped us a lot and evryone likes you..^^ Be happy..XP

Bright and Phyeo 2 bartender always call me"siao meimie",theN called me "chik ke li"=sayang..aichh...I said tak mao you all will like purposely making fun of me again and again when i pass by the bar..Haha Thx for taking care of me~~

                                                            Kenny--->my boss

                                                  ->our last last lousang with one noodle..

                                                ->my last supper..wad dan hor with loushu min..

I will keep our sweet memories in my heart forever!!!<3

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