Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy little gathering

Went to one noodle yamcha on tuesday.Haha.Thinking of you two really make me wanna laugh.There's me and Sheyni and Weichong.We met there and play cards whole afternoon.Chodaidi,Speed,Snap,Donkey..haha..Sheyni kept cheating and she's fast in the game.When I shouted stop as I found something wrong she would not even bother to look at me and continue playing the game.She cheats a lot and kind of crazy when she's high.Haha.Noone can stop her.REALLY.I think I would not have seen her characteristic until that day.LOL.Weichong is a bit slow and he plays in a funny way.I cant stop laughing looking at him playing cause his reaction and facial expression is damn funny.Haha We wanted to cheat him telling we had put something awful inside his tea but turns out he's so clever and didnt believe in us.LOL He just drink his tea straight away.I wonder what if we really put something horrible indie.Who knows?LOL

I am bad in playing chodaidi so I tried very hard to convince them to play other games.And put the two set of cards together so they cant have chance to play Thou atlas I have to separate the two deck of cards again.Weichong also accidentally break sheyni's nail when playing snap.. Pity her.He wanted to give her rm1 to buy plaster but I insisted 20 sen is enough.Haha.Sheyni kind of poke my stomach when I said this.Haha..Bully me tim..XPNext time gonna yancha again.^^

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