Friday, March 12, 2010


Last Saturday,we went 1 u to watch Alice in the wonderland.We met them at Manjalara,the maid restaurant in the afternoon to have lunch.When I reach there,surprisingly whole cafe there was only one normal looking maid working.And we were told that we cannot order untill half an hour later,onli then lunch can be ordered.We were so hungry and were annnoyed by them.Although its place was not bad,and have a few racks with a lot of comics.We were very hungry and so we decided to go 1 u to hav lunch,and we can have our lunch there too.^^

We ate at Zenmai Sushi!!It was quite expensive but it will be more expensive if we ate Dragon Eye,Chilies,Tgi Fridays blabla as said by Joey.==I am scared by her proposal...TT reali BIG FRIGHTENING EXPENSIVE proposal..==

After we had our lunch,we went to watch 3DAlice.LOLL..This is the first time I watched one,and it was fun.We have to wear another 3D specs and for me  I have to wear 2 big black specs..==The characters are like very near to you,as near as you thought it will touched you,But,unluckily,3D's dunt have subtitiles.You really have to watch it very concentrately to hear what is she talking about.A little dissapointed thou.XP..

I have finally watched finish下一站,幸福by安以轩and 吴建豪..A nice touching movie.And the main actress is beautiful and she has the 气质i like.XP And there's one cute little guy acting in this show too..Ahh..小小彬..he's梁小乐in the show and is awesomely cute..^^

Isn't it cute if a cute family with perfect looking and good hearted family members exsist?LOL

Here's a cute video I like.Have a look..^^

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