Friday, February 12, 2010

My First Post..

Haha..I found tis kinda of cute template frm a cute website I like,it hav d sweet scent I like..Warmness..Lovelyness.^^I named tis site sweet bones coz I suddenly thought tat bones r the leftovers,the leftouts,equals 2 our memories,when I was working 2day..A haha..Our memories r our life's leftovers..Dun u think so?^^Therefore,sweet bones means sweet memories..I have wanted 2 jot down wadever sweet things I wanted 2 remenber in my whole life..Not onli in pix(facebook,thou I hav ady upload every single pix I hav taken),n in words,->in blogs.^^Yup..tats all for my very first post..nitez..

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