Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Precious Collection

Hehe..I am quite happy today as I at last get to redempt another big head soft toy from guardian.Wohoooo!!I get sumore stamps from my fren and at last,I get to collect 40 stamps for my cute little hippotamus!! happy..I have already redempted the cute little elephant and thus hippo ahd added to my precious collection..^^

arent my hippo so ridiculously cute?omg

oohh..cute ears and nose>

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sakai's gathering..

I duno how to describe my feelings now.I am just followed my parent's idea to apply for some college for some course I dont have interest.Erm..okay..maybe a little bit,coz accountancy deals with figures and figures look not so frighteneing to me like others,although I am not really that pro in it.In a nutshell:I dont hate it but I am not talented in it also.>< Scared ah..Gambathe HUIMING!!!><

Actually today quite haappi,coz I went to hang out with my sakai friends to celebrate ah bing and andrea's birthday..hehe..we went to the kepong newly opened old town white coffee cafe and then to brem mall and lastly we went to yaolin's house and started playing cards.haha..I win a lot ooh..XP long time I din hang out with u all guys..realli happi today seeing you all..12 of u all..:) although I am a bit frightened by rose who did something accidentally..== I thought of that Patrick immediately..haiz..1st Patrick,2nd Tin,3rd u??shit..aiz..luckily nothing else..>< grumbles..Why I am so unlucky in the year of tiger!!*sobs*Tomorrow gotcha work and then meet Tin again..aih..wish me all the best..I will try very hard to avoid you from now on..Juz see..O.0 ==

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sighs..My long waited cny celebrations with my cousins ended so fazz!! 2day is already the 4th day of cny and I am already back from my few hundred miles away hometown--->Johor.I juz reached home a few hours and have finally done all the cleaning.=)Haha..Gotcha start my long time no see blog^^ Chor 2 I went to my mother's side house and that was fun.Since my grandmother have 6 daughters and 2 sons,it was terribly fun and excited at my grandparent's house.Whoa!Each "children"is having at least 3 childrens,and some of them are big enough to hav their own childrens!That means grandgrandsons and grandgranddaughter.Haha.A lot of them are still in kindergarden and primary school and it was cute><

This is my cousins

my lovely cousin jia jia and me


lovely Grace and Jiajia


That cc zhexue..haha..


lovely..isn't it?^^

It was fun when I first reach there as all of my aunties wear wearing so nice dresses and we kept taking photoes.Then suddenly my cousin suggested that we take some whole family pictures and we started to snap photos of aunts with grnadparents,uncles with grandparents,blabla..It was fun.^^ off days seems to fly away so quickly..aih..I had to start working again.T.T

Friday, February 12, 2010

My First Post..

Haha..I found tis kinda of cute template frm a cute website I like,it hav d sweet scent I like..Warmness..Lovelyness.^^I named tis site sweet bones coz I suddenly thought tat bones r the leftovers,the leftouts,equals 2 our memories,when I was working 2day..A haha..Our memories r our life's leftovers..Dun u think so?^^Therefore,sweet bones means sweet memories..I have wanted 2 jot down wadever sweet things I wanted 2 remenber in my whole life..Not onli in pix(facebook,thou I hav ady upload every single pix I hav taken),n in words,->in blogs.^^Yup..tats all for my very first post..nitez..