Saturday, September 30, 2017

Yogyakarta ( aka Jogja) Trip - 5 Days 4 Nights ( Itinerary and Budget)

Hi All~

Just came back from Jogja Trip with my cousins. This is my first trip with my cousin sisters and their bf/husband ( 3 couples- 6 of us) , and overall I approved them as good travel partners ( except for the point that half of them cannot eat beef hahaa) lol !

Airasia go - Flight + Hotel + Insurance + Luggage( 2 person share 20kg) = RM760 per pax
Driver + Fuel -  IDR 650,000 x 5 days (12 hours)
Additional charge for Sunrise - IDR 100,000 x 2 days 

Total Expenses of the trip = Less than RM1,500 per pax! 
*This is not a budget trip because we stayed in a 4 star hotel Hotel Swissbel. lolll And we ate alot of meals in one day. XD

Here is our Itinerary and Budget~~~

Day 1 :

We arrive late at the airport due to bad traffic ( delay in landing and in flight parking lol).
Our driver Mr. Suris was already there waiting for us. After fetching us to buy Telkomsel sim card, we checked in our hotel ( Hotel Swissbel - highly recommended coz its very clean and comfy!) and then went Warung SS for lunch! 

p/s - Telkomsel is selling for IDR 50,000 ( RM15) for 12 GB data. Super affordable and worth it!

We feasted like king coz the food is super cheap! Each plate/dish is only around RM3-4 wtf
This is only our first round , and we added more dishes ie petai, tofu, ikan nila ( very fresh and soft) , kangkung etc~ They are famous for sambal hence please try sambal terasi. Super spicy and syok! RM10 per pax wtf why so cheap here @@

Our next stop is Candi Prambanan, which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia, and one of the biggest in Southeast Asia.

Ended our day with a random pizza chain we spotted, Pizzalicious because House of Raminten is toooo

Day 2

We left our hotel at 4am wtf for sunrise at Setumbu Hill  ( Punthuk Setumbu) but there was too much cloud blocking. Nonetheless, the view was still breathtaking!

 Photo spot at Setumbu hill~

Our next stop- Borobudur Temple~ Borobudur, a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist temple in Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia, as well as the world's largest Buddhist temple,and also one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world.

We was chased by the locals for pictures lolll They were very friendly thou. XD

Tips: The guards/securities there have the most professional skills to help to take nice photos for us. XD You can ask them to help , please also tip them! :)

Teatime! It was only 9am in the morning after our 2 We stopped by Coffee Alea for coffee and snacks XD

Next stop : Jeep ride to Mount Merapi~ It is an active stratovolcano located on the border between Central Java and Yogyakarta.. It is the most active volcano in Indonesia and has erupted regularly. The last eruption was in year 2010, and it could erupt anytime from now. lol

One jeep can only fit a max of 5 pax hence we have to get 2 jeep to fit all of us~ IDR 350k for one jeep. My first jeep experience! 

Our ride was very bumpy and tiring. We always ended up fall asleep in our car otw back to our Hotel. lol

Ayam goreng Tojoyo 3 for dinner! The chicken there is mostly kampung chicken. Also super cheap the chicken is only RM3 for each drumstick. lol

Supper we had starbucks hahaaa and also Il tempo Gelato Ice cream ( must try)!


Day 3

Pantai Timang is my favourite. Gondola ride is a must! It looks super scary but trust me its bearable when you are on it. hahaa

 This is the place where Running Man Lee Kwang Soo came last month hehehehehehe

After this, we ate lobster for lunch! The restaurant is just situated at the Jeep base site. Syok! We had 1 lobster each hoho

After this our last stop is Pantai Wedimbo~

Dinner of the day is House of Raminten!
We feasted like king too coz the dishes are also freaking cheap wtf around RM15 per pax for whole table of food and juice. Highly recomended! The place is super cool too. We spotted 3 freaking real horses in this restaurant. lol

Day 4

Again, we woke up early to see the cloud layers at Kebun Mangunan and left the hotel at 4am. However, there is no cloud that day loll Please google for more photos haha

Next stop, Goa Jomblang (60 m deep) for Heaven Light! Must come in Jogja!

Last stop of the trip Goa Pindul!

Dinner of the day~ Nasi Padang Duta Minang. This is just situated at walking distance from our hotel. Please do not come here as they do not charge tourist accordingly to the menu. Kena diok. Most unhappy meal ever. While the eggs here is cost RM3 each, we had fish at Warung SS for also RM3 each. wtfff 

Supper again~ We had Mister Burger and Ciao Gelato!

Day 5

On the last day, we just chill and walk around Malioboro street for shopping.
Bought some cheap Jogja t-shirt at RM 5 and RM15. Sandals you can get RM12 for 4 pairs wtf

Had soto for lunch~ Only RM3 per powl wtf. Love their beef soto XD

RM2 per Magum stick - our last snack in Jogya

-The End-

1. Get the menu before u order to avoid kena tiok.
2. GRAB is super cheap there. Our 15 mins ride only cost us RM3/6 pax = 50 sen. wtf.
3. Do not drink beverage with ice at the roadside.
4. The local food there is quite cheap , as cheap as RM3 per fish, per chicken drumstick. Anything priced with more than RM6 per fish, means u kena tiok/ tourist place. Go for warung.
5. Nasi Padang means they will serve all dishes they have on your table. You only need to pay whatever you touched/ eat. Hence, those untouched will be retrieved and re-serve for the next customer. #cultureshock You only need to try once hahaaaa
6. Bring showercap if you cannot tahan the smell of the helmet for Gua Jomblang.
7. Bring waterproof phone casing if you plan to go Goa Pindul/ Kalisuci. You can also buy from there.
8. Bakpia - green pea biscuit is nice! However, it can only last for 4 days. Buy only on the last day if you want to bring back. Do not worry coz they will give provide you boxes if you are buying alot like me lol
8. The stalls at Borobudur are selling way cheaper than Malioboro Street. Borobudur Stalls are selling for 6 t shirts for IDR 50k, around RM3 per t shirt. Malioboro is selling at IDR 30k per T shirt, around RM15 lol  
9. Bring your student ID there to get 50% discounts in Candi Prambanan and Candi Borobudur! Super worth it coz the entrance there is super expensive.

Must buy/bring back from Jogja ( Yogyakarta):
1. Bakpia ( Hot from the oven)
2. Sambal Terasi ( Freaking spicy)
3. Sanitary Pad ( Freaking cheap ok)
4. Magnum Ice Cream
5. Chitato Indo Mee Flavour Potato Chips
6. Indo mee


Monday, May 12, 2014

Lunch @ Jibby & Co , Empire Subang

Wuhoo Was super eager to update my dead blog but was stuck up with loads of work. Busy working life almost makes me lifeless. Food hunting remains one of my "hope" looking forward for another weekend. Recently we have been visiting lots of cafes and restaurants during weekend spending quality time with boyfie and with FOODD.  Lots of food!! FOOD keeps me going on hahaha 

This is one of those restaurant I went worth trying and blogging. One of the reasons being having very natural lights for us to take photos. Like that one in Cafe Bene. I found that natural sunlight tends to help enhance the photos more than indoor lighting. What do you think?

Had a 3 person dating in one of the weekends with mama and boyfie!! We hunt down this awesome place to hang out with nice ambiance. I forgot to take photos for the ambiance but basically we are dining inside a greenhouse, not warm one but instead its quite comfy and modern one.:D

High Tech Food Lift spotted! Saving labour cost so genius they stuff the dishes inside the foodlift and we could get our dishes faster! 

We ordered Mocha Green Tea Latte. Thick mocha fragrance but I still prefer Tour Les Jour's.

Awesome Soft Shell Crab Burger with Spicy Sauce!

I had never tried such meaty and huge softshell crab before until this!! Most of the soft shell crab I tried mostly in Japanese Restaurant have dry tiny soft shell crab feet, but THIS is full of real crab meat!!

Cannot stop spamming photos >< I like their home made spicy sauce too :D



With abundance of beef, mushroom and tomato and cheese , this is super heavenly!

Their tomato sauce and basil sauce is soo appetizing! Must try too!

Big Daddy!!

With abundance of minced meet ,bacon, and onion sauce with homemade thin pastry. Abit too sweet for me coz of the onion sauce. Overall its good :)

My shy mama and I :D

And my bf being my part time driver :) XOXO